Page updated on: 08/14/2007

After a couple of years of just letting this site sit here, I finally got off my rump and decided to do as I had promised and that was to update the genealogy and get all the links that didn't work, working.

This page will list all the updates to ANY of the pages on this site and when we updated them. (See bottom of page)

All the links ARE NOT working just yet. I still have the pages to re-do for those.

Below is a list of what and when things were updated...

8-14-2007-The genealogy for Absalom Wilson was updated to reflect some changes and new entries.
8-14-2007-Added a flash based guestbook. This will help to keep the spammers out.
01/01/2006-Permission now required to access histories + added a page with the list of surnames we are researching
12/29/2005-Updated ALL the genealogy